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Name: Johanna
Home: Sacramento, California, United States
About Me: I am a girl; I don't quite know where I came from or where I'm going. Though I'm still getting comfortable in my own skin, I love to think about a world more simple than the one I reside in now. I like to imagine a magical place with elegant gowns, tea time every hour, true friendship, etiquette, and art. Don't let the busy reality of the world take you over. Hold onto your innocence.
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The Power of Us All
I wrote this in my Junior year in Mr. Ramm's class. He was the type of teacher that found the good in everything and never ceased to inspire. Never stopped throwing Carpe Diem in your face and told you to run with the wind. I was never privileged to take his creative writing class, which I regret now, but just his English class was enough to feel like you could write anything. I'm not a poetry writer- .. in fact... I'm not really a writer at all. But I figured I should post the poem I was assigned to do. XD It was just supposed to be like- a four page poem, I'm guessing- its really not much or anything- but even if its mediocre or whatever, I wonder what happened to the girl that wrote this...fear took over her, I suppose. ..so without further ado, here it is- and his comments in the end.

The Power of Us All

It entices,
It warms,
It liberates,
It creates.
As much as spirit creates,
I create spirit.
As much as spirit liberates,
I liberate the spirit.
As much as spirit warms,
I warm the spirit.
As much as spirit entices,
I entice the spirit.

My veins flow
Into the Earth,
Into the air,
Into the water,
Into the fire.
I become one with
As if I created all I see
And hear
Around me;
Screeches, silence.
Leaves, stones.

What I've learned created me.
I am a daughter
I am a lover
I am a woman
I am an open mind
I am an open book.
My pages are coded wisdom.
I love for who a person is
I am gentle
I am genuine
I am a friend
I am lucky.
I've learned:
I must think for myself
Everything happens for a reason
Evil is a matter of perspective

I wise man said he took the road
less traveled by.
Another said he'd take the
high road.
I try to follow this to be
in an ordinary

People change,
Some dear are now enemies.
Their minds intoxicated with their
Arrogant nature.
But negative changes for them
Are ever so positive for me.
Because I take what I've learned
What they've pointed out
What they say to try to
And tease
Out of spite and frustration with themselves,
And I grow as a better person,
Knowing myself.
Knowing their lies.
Knowing I will never let me down
as long as I follow my heart
and conscience.
Something they still need to learn.

Life is too short to fight
Anger is a waste of time;
Anger is a waste of that precious
Life which can somehow pass through our very fingers,
Like grains of
But sometimes I lay on grass,
Stare up at the sky,
And ask what happens.
Where does the lively spirit
But sometimes I lay on my bed,
Stare up at the ceiling,
And ask if anything happens at all.
Do our souls turn to
Dust like the forgotten sand on the beach?
But something MUST happen.
Our soul is not
It is not
My spirit may return
To create,
To liberate,
To warm,
To entice.
How could it not?
The power within me must
Reach to the sun and stars.

My dear loved ones
And compliment all the while.
Withou them I would break.
They've helped shape me.
I find myself through them.
They push me
Into the Earth,
Into the air,
Into the water
Into the fire.
Experiences showed me the
and has allowed me to be one with them.
To understand
as a goddess may understand.
And love
and care.

You are all capable of enticing, warming, liberating, and creating just
as I do.
Just as I strive to do.
Because power is in all of us.
As each element works together in perfect harmony,
we are the perfect puzzle piece
and part
to continue to make life flow,
and continue to let our spirit grow.


"Love the verbs! With them you hint at the life-affirming power of the spirit."
"I hope some day you read more Walt Whitman because judging from these lines, you and Whiteman are kindred spirits."
" "...coded wisdom" - I love that phrase, and as I read your poem I get the distinct impression that you are providing the reader with the key to the code."
"Again, you echo Whitman."
"The capacity to make the ordinary extraordinary is the mark of a spiritual person."
"A lesson that takes most people years to learn if they learn it at all. That you've learned this crucial lesson so early is another indicator of a truly spiritual person."
"You're on a pilgrimage."
"I love it!! These power words become the force that unify the poem, and unity is what this poem is all about."
"Everything in your imagery speaks of balance, of harmony. Your poem is a verbal yin/yang symbol."
"An invitation to live fully in the world!"
"You're an old soul, Johanna. Only an old soul would write this. A 100/100"
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A haircut and some books.
Over this past weekend, I was at the coast to stay at a beach house with my mother, sister, aunt, and uncle. It was so much fun! ^__^ I wish I had a camera though to take a bunch of pictures :< Sadly I didn't.
But my aunt DID cut my hair! It's the shortest it has ever been in my life. Shortest. I really like it though!

I traveled to Winston Smith Books yesterday.
I KNEW I was waiting to buy the RIGHT version of Lolita by Vladimir Nobokov. It's my favorite novel and finally, after decided I LOVE old published books, I found a copy published in 1955. It can't get much older than that, since it was written in that year. XD
and I bought the oldest version of 1984 that I could find (come on, you HAVE to buy 1894 at Winston Smith). That book was published in 1961 I believe.

I am so very, very happy.
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姫ギャル HimeGyaru and Jesus Diamante

I gotta say- out of all the Japanese Fashions EXCLUDING Lolita, I LOVE Hime Gyaru (Princess Gal) style. And seeing that this blog has to do with anything Princess, I figured this is a good topic to write about.
Gyaru (ギャル) is a Japanese transliteration of the English word gal. There are plenty of varieties of Gyaru such as Ganguro, Gyaru-Kei, etc.

Many people mistake Hime Lolita and Hime Gyaru together. Some also believe that Hime Gyaru is the 'big sister' to Hime Lolita, but this isn't the case.
Hime Gyaru, along with being popular with teenage girls, attract Japanese women in their late 20's and 30's. The difference between the two is Lolita tries to be childlike and doll-like, while the Gyaru tries to be super sophisticated and to be like a young lady- NOT like a child. The Gyaru style is supposed to look something like this:
A young woman who's parents are well off. She is stylish and delicate and has lots of time to primp and have her nails and hair done and probably sleeps on the best satin sheets! She likes the finer things in life, furs and jewels. She could even be mistaken for royalty perhaps. Everything is feminine, ultra lush and high class.

Now lets look at the differences between Lolita and Gyaru:
On the left, a Hime Gyaru girl wearing clothing from the designer Jesus Diamante, on the right is a Marie Antoinette OP from BABYSSB

Girls that wear the Hime Gyaru fashion go CRAZY for a designer called Jesus Diamante. The dresses are worth $600+ and shoes about $200-300. Many teenage to 20 year old ladies still live at home with their parents to support their royalty lifestyles. I have to say that the fashion looks very ladylike and sweet.

Though I'm a Sweet&Hime Lolita, I wouldn't mind trying the Gyaru counterpart sometime.

Look for yourself! Jesus Diamanta|Liz Lisa
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Rings, Rings, and more Rings
I absolutely love rings. They always make me feel elegant and pretty. For most women, rings mean a wide span of things, and thankfully, certain designs remain classics... and other new designs keep showing up!

First off, "Figure like the Queen..." is to die for! For about $275, you can have a dazzling draped ring on your finger with sapphire and diamonds to look noble and elegant.

"The Colors of the Rainbow-Like Charm."For $184, you can have the joy of the rainbow on your finger. The soft colors wrapped around the band should make you smile with delight!

"Pink Sapphire EnjeruHatoRingu" or "Angel Heart Ring" should leave you feeling dainty and special. Worth $932 but right now on sale for $475, pink sapphires and diamonds sit on this lovely ring with little heart and key charms.

"Etaniti Ringu" or "Eternity Ring" is a simple design much like the rainbow ring, but covered in diamonds. This is very elegant without being TOO flashy. The regular price for this beauty is $1,130, but is now a steal for $355!

And finally, something a little more obnoxious: the famous Hello Kitty Diamond Ring. This piece of work will cost you a whopping $4,250. The Bow is made of pink sapphires, the eyes of onyx, and the nose of yellow citrine [I ADORE citrine]. The total weight is 1 carat.

Remember though, even though these rings are beautiful, the thing most beautiful is God's Love, so remember what's most important in life. Having said that, he's created some beautiful shining stones.
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Shopping in Japan Right at Your Fingertips!
As a girl obsessed with purchasing online and Japanese things, RAKUTEN is the place to go to. They carry everything from Womens and Mens clothing off the city streets; to anime & oktaku collectibles; to things for the home such as furniture, bedding, cabinets, and even CARPET; to beauty cosmetics and medicines- you name the category, they probably have it!

I was surprised to even find Lolita clothing brands such as BABY The Stars Shine Bright, h.Naoto, etc.

I think that the items on this site is GREAT for gifts, especially for the holiday season. Right now they apparently have a free shipping deal if you rate items and give feedback.
Leggings seem to be very popular among young women in Japan this year, as well as faux fur coats and jackets!
These cute star leggings are sure to turn heads <3

Leggings with a second tone on the bottom! I think it's such a cute idea <3

And my favorite are these that are gathered on the bottom. They come in all sorts of colors.

This camera has a projector, so you can project all your pictures against the wall! Who thought of it? Nikon! Why don't we have that over here? Now you can!
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So I have a little herb garden in my room- I mean- it's in a cute little... thing- You'd just have to see it.
Anyway......it's dying.
I...I'm not sure what I did wrong O_O
Can someone who likes these things *coughCherylcough* help me out with this? How do you take care of them?

I'd love to have little herb gardens XP and things I can take care of!
And the little gardens remind me of a playground for faries <3
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Theres Something I Don't Understand
"I don't understand poverty. And how people have to suffer..." "I know, Rose...Is there anything else you don't understand?" "Yes..." "What, Rose??" "I don't understand how a thermos can keep things both hot AND cold!!"

You know what I don't understand?
We were all born naked. All that is natural is 'naked', in it's natural state, the way it was created.
Why is it that with all the religious talk I've heard throughout my life, people act as if God created the body and at the last minute, Satan slapped on the genitals?
Why is it that there can be such BEAUTIFUL artwork, neo AND classical, showing the BEAUTY of the human body, and people get offended? Did God not create you with the same look? In HIS image? There's a fine line between tawdry and tasteful, I understand- but why so afraid?

And because so many are ashamed of their bodies, they have HORRIBLE self-esteem [which is something I have been noticing of myself]!
Well you know what? I'm not going to be embarrassed of myself anymore! I'm not going to sit here and honestly believe the way I was created was sinful, and it's about time other people woke up too! We should be celebrating ourselves, and the beauty that we are, so we can truly love how we were created!

I'm TIRED hearing about people who can't even see their nude selves in the mirror! It's sad to me!
I'll remember something my aunt who is a painter told me, "God is the ultimate artist, I'm just a copyright infringer!"

God IS the ultimate artist! So celebrate it!! Don't be ashamed of his creations!
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So I finally signed up for my classes for spring semester. :< I guess I'm just gonna buck up and get a majors in Art... and I'm not sure what for my minor- probably Drama after I transfer somewhere like UC Davis or something.

Buuut since I finally decided to get an arts degree, I'm taking art classes, yay!
So my schedule looks a little something like this:
History of Asian Art
Figure Drawing
Elementary Statistics [I HAD to take a math -_- and my other option was Pre Algebra!!]
And Critical Thinking/Writing about Literature.

So.. okay. Yeah I finished Algebra 2 in highschool but I'm not a math person- so everything had escaped my mind. Not to mention I BARELY passed the class in the first place. So when I tested they said I was eligible for PRE ALGEBRA. I wanted to cry [as usual].
I'm a little bummed that I don't get at least ONE class with Justin [because we had three classes together this semester XD] but everything will be okay Dx; I'll see him. *whine*
I'm also gonna try to add into Drama 1B because it was full already. But if I get into this I have full access to be in the shows and everything. It's an advanced class but I'm sure my portfolio in that area won't be a problem (not to brag... but acting is kinda my thing and I've gotten leads/supporting lead in all the musicals I've been in). So yes. That is good.

I can't wait until spring -sigh- though we have to get through winter first XD;; And summer... ahh... summer summer summer. <3
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Tattoos, Papers, and Friends

Ahhhhh Dx It's just the pattern on me, not an actual tattoo but it's something I've been planning. My mom still controls my life though XD; and she forbids me to get any tattoos OR piercings. Ridiculous, yes. But. Oh well.

I have a few papers that I need to write for school but I'm such a procrastinator. I don't really want to-- but research papers. Agh. Not cool.

Cheryl just informed me that she's coming out in July! AHH! I'm so so so so excited to see her! ;; I haven't seen her in forever and we're sisters. I miss her. D<

Now I must be off to school. Baibai.
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Why God Shouldn't Have Called You

If you're like me, you feel like you're not good enough or strong enough to be called by God to spread his Love. ;; But thankfully, I came across some wonderful little Christian sites that make me feel less alone:

"There are many reasons why God shouldn't have called you.
But don't worry....
You're in good company.

Moses stuttered.
David's armor didn't fit.
John Mark was rejected by Paul.
Timothy had ulcers.
Hosea's wife was a prostitute.
Amos' only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning.
Jacob was a liar.
David had an affair.
Solomon was too rich.......Jesus was too poor.
Abraham was too old......David was too young.
Peter was afraid of death......Lazarus was dead.
John was self-righteous.
Naomi was a widow.
Paul was a murderer....So was Moses.
Jonah ran from God.
Miriam was a gossip.
Gideon and Thomas both doubted.
Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.
Elijah was burned out.
John the Baptist was a loudmouth.
Martha was a worry-wart.
Mary was lazy.
Samson had long hair.
Noah got drunk.
Did I mention that Moses had a short
So did Peter, Paul--well, lots of folks did.

But God doesn't require a job interview.
He doesn't hire and fire like most bosses,
because He's more our Dad than our Boss.
He doesn't look at financial gain or loss.
He's not prejudiced or partial, not judging,
grudging, sassy, or brassy, not deaf to our cry,
not blind to our need.
As much as we try, God's gifts are free. We could
do wonderful things for wonderful people
and still not be ...Wonderful.
Satan says, "You're not worthy."
Jesus says, "So what? I AM."
Satan looks back and sees our mistakes.
God looks back and sees the cross.
He doesn't calculate what you did in '78.
It's not even on the record. Sure. There are lots of
reasons why God shouldn't have called us. But if we
are magically in love with Him, if we hunger for Him
more than our next breath, He'll use us in
spite of who we are, where we've been, or what we
look like.
I pray that as Christians, we will step out of our
limitations into the illimitable nature of who God is.
Then our passion for God and our passion to
communicate Him will make mince-meat of our
limitations! "

But he said to me, ‘‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)
- DebWebOnline.com/Mercy_in_Jesus
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The Tea Things

So there's something that the Lord keeps bringing back to me- my problem with my mouth.
I can't control my tongue. Scripture says that no man can control the tongue, it's a beast of it's own. But people have more control than I have!! Whether I'm just speaking too loudly, or putting my own foot in my mouth [much like the Apostle Peter], I always seem to just... embarrass myself.
That, and my not showing I'm a Christian and hiding my Bible and things like that in public because I'm scared of what people will think of me. :<

Anyway, my days have been quite lovely lately. I've been seeing my friend Alyson a little more because her boyfriend from L.A. came up and we all hung out frequently. We kept having tea parties at her house, it's so much fun. And I'm really happy that her boyfriend and mine are liking the parties. It makes things much easier. The high school put on the production of Clue, and Alyson was Mrs. Peacock. She was the cutest thing and the show was a hit. Ahh I miss those days of being in the loop at high school =[. Now I'm off doing my own thing and I miss all of my friends.

My church is going to put on their annual Christmas Tea Party, where the women get a table and make the most beautiful designs [so I've been told], and the men of the church cater to them XD It's supposed to be a lot of fun, and you can take a friend with you. I have to buy the tickets, but I think it's such a great idea.
+ wouldn't a nice velveteen lolita outfit be great for something like that? <3 Click!<3 Click!
And look at these wonderful ball styles for both men and women! -sighs of content-

Dressing up. People just don't do that anymore.
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That Was When I Ruled The World
Listening to a lot of Coldplay, yeah.

I have to say, I love all the songs on the Viva La Vida CD.

But I also have to say... that I super duper love Death And All His Friends.
Some people don't like Coldplay because of Chris' voice, but theres so much more to a song than just the voice of the singer: the composition, the volume, the overall UMPH of the song... Theres all the different components that makes a song so great.

I drew Violet Hill for my boyfriend XD
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Revelation of the Heart

I imagine being wrapped in the long, crisp green blades of the grass rooting from the damp earth below me. There is no anxiety flowing through my body, for I am one with the ground. Praise God for creating something so inviting and perfect.

Everybody knows that I am the type of person to take a subject and transform it into an impending doom to worry about. I worry about things that are completely beyond my control, or I'll worry if I don't have anything to worry about.
But lately, I've had such a negative attitude about wonderful things in my life.
Today, God has shown me something very important.
In an extensive group prayer at my church this evening, the answer was brought to me. The Lord told me that my worry for other people and things of this world has been the only thing on my mind, and manifesting in my heart. This is wrong; I have no peace because GOD should be the one on my mind constantly and placed in my heart. If I spread His love and keep my eyes on having that peace in him, all other things will fall into place. If I spread his love, instead of worrying, I'll be able to see the situation in a whole new light and have compassion and patience and be able to forgive-
Something we don't realize is that the same Holy Spirit that flowed through Jesus to show love and give strength is flowing through us. The same Spirit of the Lord, our Heavenly Father, wants us to walk like Christ Jesus did and show eternal love, for we were all knit together by God while we were in our mother's womb.

We all have our demons. Worry is mine. Lack of faith is mine. It's time to buckle down and really set things straight, because face it, LOVE conquers all. If you take that Love and shine it on whatever darkness you have, it can't stay for long.

Thank you so much for your wisdom.
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