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Name: Johanna
Home: Sacramento, California, United States
About Me: I am a girl; I don't quite know where I came from or where I'm going. Though I'm still getting comfortable in my own skin, I love to think about a world more simple than the one I reside in now. I like to imagine a magical place with elegant gowns, tea time every hour, true friendship, etiquette, and art. Don't let the busy reality of the world take you over. Hold onto your innocence.
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The Real World?
I have a friend.
We'll call him Dexter.
And he has a mother, who we'll call Karen.
Dexter has been known to have some anger issues sometimes, but all in all, he was a sweet boy and a good friend. He had a closer relation to yours truly. Karen had been a victim by abuse for most of her life, I'm assuming.
It's been a couple years, but ever since high school graduation, Dexter has slowly but surely slipped more into the "wrong crowd", using all the money that his mom gave him for books at the college to buy drugs. For all we know, it's only pot.

It was heartbreaking to hear that the other day, he forced himself into his mother's house, broke doors and computers, and took the guns. He screamed horrible things at her, and called my mom a "Cunt", no less.
He took what he needed and left.

His mother is scared that he's going to kill her.
Mom helped her call the cops, I think she's getting a restraining order. On her own son. She changed the locks, and kicked her boyfriend out.
Dexter was supposed to be at the college yesterday, but on my way there, his car passed mine back up to our town.

It's Jekyll and Hyde with him. He was sweet. Now he blows up. He doesn't even know that what he's doing is abnormal. He's now dangerous.
The boy we used to know is no longer here.

Is this real life? Is this what happens to people?
Something is happening here, and you don't know what it is; do you, Mr. Jones?
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