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Name: Johanna
Home: Sacramento, California, United States
About Me: I am a girl; I don't quite know where I came from or where I'm going. Though I'm still getting comfortable in my own skin, I love to think about a world more simple than the one I reside in now. I like to imagine a magical place with elegant gowns, tea time every hour, true friendship, etiquette, and art. Don't let the busy reality of the world take you over. Hold onto your innocence.
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The Power of Us All
I wrote this in my Junior year in Mr. Ramm's class. He was the type of teacher that found the good in everything and never ceased to inspire. Never stopped throwing Carpe Diem in your face and told you to run with the wind. I was never privileged to take his creative writing class, which I regret now, but just his English class was enough to feel like you could write anything. I'm not a poetry writer- .. in fact... I'm not really a writer at all. But I figured I should post the poem I was assigned to do. XD It was just supposed to be like- a four page poem, I'm guessing- its really not much or anything- but even if its mediocre or whatever, I wonder what happened to the girl that wrote this...fear took over her, I suppose. ..so without further ado, here it is- and his comments in the end.

The Power of Us All

It entices,
It warms,
It liberates,
It creates.
As much as spirit creates,
I create spirit.
As much as spirit liberates,
I liberate the spirit.
As much as spirit warms,
I warm the spirit.
As much as spirit entices,
I entice the spirit.

My veins flow
Into the Earth,
Into the air,
Into the water,
Into the fire.
I become one with
As if I created all I see
And hear
Around me;
Screeches, silence.
Leaves, stones.

What I've learned created me.
I am a daughter
I am a lover
I am a woman
I am an open mind
I am an open book.
My pages are coded wisdom.
I love for who a person is
I am gentle
I am genuine
I am a friend
I am lucky.
I've learned:
I must think for myself
Everything happens for a reason
Evil is a matter of perspective

I wise man said he took the road
less traveled by.
Another said he'd take the
high road.
I try to follow this to be
in an ordinary

People change,
Some dear are now enemies.
Their minds intoxicated with their
Arrogant nature.
But negative changes for them
Are ever so positive for me.
Because I take what I've learned
What they've pointed out
What they say to try to
And tease
Out of spite and frustration with themselves,
And I grow as a better person,
Knowing myself.
Knowing their lies.
Knowing I will never let me down
as long as I follow my heart
and conscience.
Something they still need to learn.

Life is too short to fight
Anger is a waste of time;
Anger is a waste of that precious
Life which can somehow pass through our very fingers,
Like grains of
But sometimes I lay on grass,
Stare up at the sky,
And ask what happens.
Where does the lively spirit
But sometimes I lay on my bed,
Stare up at the ceiling,
And ask if anything happens at all.
Do our souls turn to
Dust like the forgotten sand on the beach?
But something MUST happen.
Our soul is not
It is not
My spirit may return
To create,
To liberate,
To warm,
To entice.
How could it not?
The power within me must
Reach to the sun and stars.

My dear loved ones
And compliment all the while.
Withou them I would break.
They've helped shape me.
I find myself through them.
They push me
Into the Earth,
Into the air,
Into the water
Into the fire.
Experiences showed me the
and has allowed me to be one with them.
To understand
as a goddess may understand.
And love
and care.

You are all capable of enticing, warming, liberating, and creating just
as I do.
Just as I strive to do.
Because power is in all of us.
As each element works together in perfect harmony,
we are the perfect puzzle piece
and part
to continue to make life flow,
and continue to let our spirit grow.


"Love the verbs! With them you hint at the life-affirming power of the spirit."
"I hope some day you read more Walt Whitman because judging from these lines, you and Whiteman are kindred spirits."
" "...coded wisdom" - I love that phrase, and as I read your poem I get the distinct impression that you are providing the reader with the key to the code."
"Again, you echo Whitman."
"The capacity to make the ordinary extraordinary is the mark of a spiritual person."
"A lesson that takes most people years to learn if they learn it at all. That you've learned this crucial lesson so early is another indicator of a truly spiritual person."
"You're on a pilgrimage."
"I love it!! These power words become the force that unify the poem, and unity is what this poem is all about."
"Everything in your imagery speaks of balance, of harmony. Your poem is a verbal yin/yang symbol."
"An invitation to live fully in the world!"
"You're an old soul, Johanna. Only an old soul would write this. A 100/100"
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