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Name: Johanna
Home: Sacramento, California, United States
About Me: I am a girl; I don't quite know where I came from or where I'm going. Though I'm still getting comfortable in my own skin, I love to think about a world more simple than the one I reside in now. I like to imagine a magical place with elegant gowns, tea time every hour, true friendship, etiquette, and art. Don't let the busy reality of the world take you over. Hold onto your innocence.
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Tattoos, Papers, and Friends

Ahhhhh Dx It's just the pattern on me, not an actual tattoo but it's something I've been planning. My mom still controls my life though XD; and she forbids me to get any tattoos OR piercings. Ridiculous, yes. But. Oh well.

I have a few papers that I need to write for school but I'm such a procrastinator. I don't really want to-- but research papers. Agh. Not cool.

Cheryl just informed me that she's coming out in July! AHH! I'm so so so so excited to see her! ;; I haven't seen her in forever and we're sisters. I miss her. D<

Now I must be off to school. Baibai.
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