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Name: Johanna
Home: Sacramento, California, United States
About Me: I am a girl; I don't quite know where I came from or where I'm going. Though I'm still getting comfortable in my own skin, I love to think about a world more simple than the one I reside in now. I like to imagine a magical place with elegant gowns, tea time every hour, true friendship, etiquette, and art. Don't let the busy reality of the world take you over. Hold onto your innocence.
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The Tea Things

So there's something that the Lord keeps bringing back to me- my problem with my mouth.
I can't control my tongue. Scripture says that no man can control the tongue, it's a beast of it's own. But people have more control than I have!! Whether I'm just speaking too loudly, or putting my own foot in my mouth [much like the Apostle Peter], I always seem to just... embarrass myself.
That, and my not showing I'm a Christian and hiding my Bible and things like that in public because I'm scared of what people will think of me. :<

Anyway, my days have been quite lovely lately. I've been seeing my friend Alyson a little more because her boyfriend from L.A. came up and we all hung out frequently. We kept having tea parties at her house, it's so much fun. And I'm really happy that her boyfriend and mine are liking the parties. It makes things much easier. The high school put on the production of Clue, and Alyson was Mrs. Peacock. She was the cutest thing and the show was a hit. Ahh I miss those days of being in the loop at high school =[. Now I'm off doing my own thing and I miss all of my friends.

My church is going to put on their annual Christmas Tea Party, where the women get a table and make the most beautiful designs [so I've been told], and the men of the church cater to them XD It's supposed to be a lot of fun, and you can take a friend with you. I have to buy the tickets, but I think it's such a great idea.
+ wouldn't a nice velveteen lolita outfit be great for something like that? <3 Click!<3 Click!
And look at these wonderful ball styles for both men and women! -sighs of content-

Dressing up. People just don't do that anymore.
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  • At November 9, 2009 at 10:33 PM, Blogger Mel said…

    "That, and my not showing I'm a Christian and hiding my Bible and things like that in public because I'm scared of what people will think of me. :<"

    Why be scared?! It seems like you've been given a wonderful gift, so don't be afraid to share it! Be who you truly want to be, and everybody else will have to go along with it or get over it. Whether they like "the new you" or not won't be a big deal at all as soon as you are certain this is how you want to live your life and you know you're doing the right thing for yourself.

  • At November 10, 2009 at 6:43 AM, Blogger Cheryl said…

    Awww, *hugs* I do that some times too... for me its like wearing my cross neclace. I'm worried that if I'm wearing it, I might mess up or something, and it will let people down, maybe make them think I'm a hypocrite and make them lose their faith or something... :( Its weird when I write it out. I shouldn't worry about stuff like that. But I'll be praying for you! ^^ I think God will help us with this. *hugs*

    Haha!! that is so awesome that you have been going to a lot of tea parties lately. ^^ And that your guy friends are starting to like it. XD You know whats funny, I think me and Meghan's guy friends here, Ethan and Andrew are starting to like it too... secretly, though they wont let us know that they do. But like there was one time I sugessted us all hanging out and haveing a picknic and a tea party, and us all dressing up in old-n time cloathes and the guys got all excited and where thinking of ways to find old time suits and hats and stuff!! XD It was so awesome! ^^ We still haven't had that tea party yet. lol! but a while ago we had a poetry reading at my house. ^^ It was reall fun. Next time I'm going to plan another one I'm going to have the fire place going, and no electricity, just reading poetry to one another in a circle around the fire. XD I was surprised the guys likee the first poetry reading. haha! XD

    Thats so cool about your church puting on a Christmas Tea Party!! ^.^ I wish I could go!! D: lol! I miss you! That would be soo much fun if we could go to a Tea party together. ^^ Are you going to wear a Lolita dress?!! You should! X3 It would be epic! lol! ^.^ And sooo cute!! and those pics you posted of the dresses are just lovely!! And I really like the guys ones too! haha!! XD *hugs* love you!!


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